Sprockets and Drives


2 PC Sprockets

Installation of an 2 pice RC ring sprocket.

Roller chain sprockets

Custom designed bolt on ring sprocket. 

Weld on sprocket teeth

Weld on sprocket teeth have there problems. As the dryer heats up it expands it grows this can cause the sprocket pitch to change causing ruff performance. 


Sometimes the sprocket is very close to the tire, this can cause vibration and contaminants into your pinch point.

This can cause trunnion and riding ring damage. 

Sprocket misalignment

A common problem is drive misalignment. Sometimes its from the rotary unite being over adjusted sometimes its from the drive sprocket. Ether way it will cause sprocket  and chain failure. 

Bolt on lugs

Lugs are the best way to mount a sprocket. After the sprocket is ran out the lugs are installed they are bolted to the sprocket and welded to the shell. This lets the dryer heat up and expand with out changing the pitch of the sprocket.