Feed and discharge seals

Ethanol industry upgrade.

PRE has developed a unique aproceh to the conic feed seal failure in the ethanol industry. 

The belt seal PRE has helped developed has high abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance (1400 F) . 

Internal heat deflecting shield.

A key part of PREs seal upgrade is the heat deflecting shield. By designing it from the right alloy and giving  the right amount of expansion insure longevity and the heat diversion required.

Seal band run out is critical.

A critical step in insuring seal life is proper band run out. PRE runs both the dryer seal band and hood seal band. This will insure seal longevity.

Custom designed seals.

Precision Rotary Equipment can come to your site and inspect your rotary unit and develop a seal design to fit your needs.

Special designed belt seals.

By adding a thin steal mesh in the center of the belt it prevents the belt from getting sucked in the drum.

Leaf seals

When the heat is too high for a belt seal PRE recommends a leaf seal system. We have partnered with one of the top leaf seal manufacturers.