Riding Ring Replacement

Riding Ring prep

Riding ring replacement can cause long period of down time for the rotary unit. PRE pride its self in quick turnaround times.

Tight Places

Its never easy getting a new riding ring on and excising unit. 

Chosising the wright riding ring type.

PRE has the experience to help you make the right choice on a riding ring. This one is a 4 PC riding ring. sometimes its less down time and the only feasible option.

Cracked Riding Ring

An example of a Brocken riding ring. 

Cracked RIding Ring Repair

PRE has the ability to repair a cracked riding ring. This is only a temper fix. A riding ring is a one pice forging and should  only be welded to allow time to order a new riding ring.

T-Style Riding Ring

An example of a T riding ring.