Riding ring grinding

Riding ring grinder in use

Riding ring and trunnion resurfacing.

3 D rendering.

3 D rendering allows PRE to creat complex equipment.

Smooth operations.

When a 12' rotary unit is turning at 17 RPM flat spots on the riding ring can make the ground shake. PRE ground the riding rings and trunnions returning the unit to factory settings. this allowed a nickel to stand on end! 

New riding ring grinding machine

PREs innovated grinding machine is welcomed new solution for riding ring resurfacing. Its new design allows for egg shaped tires as well as flat spots. Its unique pivoting roller arms allows the machine to float with the riding ring as well as handling the flat spots. 

Surface refinishing why? and how.

  1. Trunnion bearing failure can cause scaring on the riding ring and trunnion surfaces making tracking harder.
  2. Lack of lubrication will tear up surfaces causing the unit to run ruff.
  3. Improper trunnion bearing adjustment can wear a tapper in the riding ring and trunnion surfaces. This will make it hard to control the unit.
  4. Resurfacing your riding ring s and trunnions will get you back in factory new conditions. 

Automated controls box.

PREs automated controls allows are technician operating the machine from up to 30' away. This allows the Tec to monitor the rotary unit for changes such as excessive thrust.  

Trunnion grinder.

PREs automated trunnion grinder.