Insulative Coatings

Insulative coatings

Provide thermal protection on the shell of rotary units. With conventional insolation its very hard to detect shell cracking until its too late. With insulate coatings shell cracking is detected witch allows for miner repair. 


  1. Energy savings.
  2. Provides burn protection for personnel.
  3. Can be installed while equipment is in operation.
  4. Eliminates pest harborage.
  5. Provides corrosion prevention.
  6. Allows coverage close to riding ring and ring gear. This will prevent condensation on the inside of shell. 


  1. Piping.
  2. Tanks and vessels.
  3. Personnel burn protection.
  4. Equipment that can not be shut down.
  5. Drying equipment.
  6. Dust collectors.
  7. Complex design shapes.
  8. Heat exchangers.