Below is a list and a description of each product we offer. Please contact us for more information on the products listed below.



We offer # 2 Powdered Graphite to lubricate your trunnions. We buy in bulk from select manufactures to ensure quality and low prices.

Graphite is cost efficient, easy to clean, non-flammable and works as a better lubricant to your rotary dryers and rotary

equipment. Each container is 25lbs, but if you need to order in bulk Precision Rotary Equipment is happy to make custom bulk orders to fulfill your graphite needs. Contact us today!


Patent # US7,350,622B2  /  Patent Date: April 1, 2008  /  Inventor: Patrick Laurito  /  Assignee: Precision Rotary Equipment, Inc.


The Automated Graphite Lubricator is a reliable and flexible way to apply graphite to your rotary equipment. It was developed by Pat Laurito and was patented in 2008.

The applicator is fabricated from stainless steel to insure long life and  durability. The superior design allows for fewer machined and moving parts

to insure better performance and cost effectiveness. Using a lubricating system can help achieve a greater amount of time between grinding jobs which helps you save money!

The Automated Graphite Lubricator comes with a user friendly control box giving you complete control of how much graphite is applied and how often you'd like it applied. Precision Rotary Equipment's Automated Graphite Lubricator

is by far the most reliable, cost efficient and maintenance friendly way to lubricate your rotary equipment.



Precision Rotary Equipment not only rebuilds trunnions, but we fabricate new trunnions as well!


PRE's new trunnion design insures the following:

- The proper shaft material will insure that the shaft will not fail and will also eliminate premature wearing.

- The trunnion is made from a softer material then the tire allowing the trunnion to wear and not the tire. Fixing a trunnion only takes a few hours, but fixing a tire requires a week of down time.

- PRE heat shrinks the trunnion shafts, thus preventing the shaft from moving or cracking in the forging of the two different materials.

- Each trunnion is fabricated specifically for your plant and are personally delivered by a member of the PRE team.



PRE Designs thrust rollers to last!


Proper roller material, bearings and adjust ability are critical to thrust roller design.

- The thrust roller needs to be fabricated from a softer material than tire. This ensures that the thrust roller will be sacrificed and not the tire.

- Bearings are critical to thrust roller life and performance. PRE used TIMKEN roller bearings because they take a lot more thrust than ball bearings.

- PRE has designed a thrust roller system that allows for maximum adjustment. Some thrust rollers allow the dryer to float (1" to 2") which can cause serious damage to the flowing, seals, sprockets, chain, gear boxes and insulation. PRE thrust rollers allow for proper amount of float (1/4")



PRE can provide you with the right seal for the right application!


This may not seem like a significant problem, but changing seal designs can decrease product leaking and reduce the amount of tramp air.

- Product leaking can cause the following problems: Safety hazards  /  House keeping problems  /  Fire hazards.

- Tramp air problems include: Increase energy cost due to tramp air cool down  /  Product contamination due to outside sources.



Surface refinishing why and how?


- Bearing failure can cause scaring to tire and trunnion making tracking more difficult.

- Lack of lubrication will tear up the tire and trunnion face, causing the dryer to run rough.

- Over adjustment can result in wearing a taper in tire and trunnions. Tapers can make it difficult to control your dryer, letting it thrust uncontrollably.

- Griding will make your dryer run smoothly and get it back to new condition.



The best way to take damaging vibrations out of a dryer is a two piece ring sprocket and roller chain.


- A two piece ring sprocket allows the dryer to expand without changing the pitch of the gear teeth.

- A full set of teeth on gears helps prevent wear and jerking motion.

- The roller chain is smoother in design preventing cracks on the dryer and bases.

- Excessive vibrations will put timing marks on the face of the tire. This leads to an expensive griding job.



Trunnion bearing upgrade why and how?


The benefit of extending trunnion bearing life to your dryers are the following: extended life cycle  /  maintenance costs and the elimination of production outages caused by premature bearing failure.

As a guide, the average type E bearing life is 1 to 2 years. Refitting with the Dodge P4B-IP-315R bearing will extend this to between 2 to 4 years and retrofitting using the Dodge P4B-415R option will provide from 4 to 8 years service.

For a long-term solution we recommend a Dodge imperial part # P4B-IP-415R bearing. This retrofit incurs an additional expense due to being a larger bearing and modifications are required to retain the center line position of the dryer. PRE has developed a "proven project" with to accommodate this, ensuring that the center line ride height is unaltered.



Filler bar replacement replacement why and how?


- As the tires slip, the filler bar and stop block wears, this allows tire to lose alignment, and if not repaired, the tire can drop off the trunnions, break a thrust roller or get lodged in sprocket.

- A proper filler bar job allows the tire to slip 1/8" per revolution. If tire does not slip, timing marks will appear leading to a costly grinding job. If filler bars are too tight when the dryer is heated up and expanding, interior spokes will bend.

- Alignment of tire is critical. PRE uses a unique two indicator alignment methods preventing tire wobble. Tire wobble leads to intermittent thrust and uneven face contact.



PRE specializes in the maintenance and repair of all Rotary dryers and cooling. With over 30 years experience in this field, PRE can problem solve, engineer and execute a solution tailored to your specific needs.

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