PRECISION ROTARY EQUIPMENT has seen the industry change with regards to expense, safety and environmental issues as well as rising energy costs. As a company, we offer plants an alternative for their rotary equipment needs. Through the years, Precision Rotary Equipment has built the reputation of loyalty, professionalism and guaranteed excellent work. Our motto is "We get there before the problem occurs," which means we will do whatever it takes to ensure your plant runs smoothly and without problems between shut downs.

Precision Rotary Equipment also takes pride in their employees. Each employee has a positive and professional attitude. We understand that each plant has specific rules that we can guarantee will be followed by every employee on site. Also, each employee is educated in the maintenance of  rotary equipment, safety in the work place and how to be professional and respectful.

Safety is Precision Rotary Equipment's number one goal. We understand the importance of conducting work safely and we take every step necessary to guarantee that there will be no accidents while working at your plant. Precision Rotary Equipment requires each employee to take our "Safety class" before conducting any work at any site.

Another guarantee of Precision Rotary Equipment is: Each job will be completed to your satisfaction within the alloted time given. Also, we promise that each job will be within budget with no added fees.



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HOURS: Monday - Friday, 8:00AM - 5:00PM

PAT LAURITO is Precision Rotary Equipments General Manager as well as President. In 2001 he established Precision Rotary Equipment, but has had over 20 years of experience in the rotary equipment field.



(712) 352-3509


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